My Girls Are Super Excited When They See That A New Shipment Of Barkin'Starz Has Arrived!! I, Also Get Excited Because I Know There's Going To Be A Personalized Note From The Barkin'Starz Team!! I Enjoy Reading The Notes!! I Have Saved Them All!!!!

                 ** Polar, Gabry, MayC... And, Tammy Hansman **



We LOVE Your Treats!!                                                                                          I'm NO Longer Buying Treats From The Pet Store Or Chewy's.                        I Like That Your Treats Are Made With Love And They're Healthy Also!!                            ** Humphrey And Bogart . And, Blanche Dorsett**                                                                                        

They Are Soooo Good For Puppies.                                                                          Romy LOVES Them!!!!                                                                                                     ** Romy And Rosemarie Moller**

                      Blu And Rainy Are Asking For Another Case Of Barkin'Starz!                   Best Treats ... Ever!!!!                                                                                                                      ** Nicole Koch**

Mom Made Us Wait So She Could Take A Picture!!                                             Pure Torture. We LOVE Our Barkin'Starz!!!!                                                       Wags And Kisses!!                                                                                                    **Forrest And Raylan**


Stitch Sure Does Love His... Barkin' Starz!!


Emma And Our Rescue, Benji, Love... Barkin' Starz!! Thank you For The Great Cookies!!                                                                      ** Annie Donachie** 

Mojo LOVES His... Barkin' Starz!!!  



Our boys anxiously Wait For Their... Barkin' Starz!!!

**Wendy Lynn Martin**

 We Got Our... Barkin' Starz Today! Thank You, Melanie! They smell So YUMMY! Our Dog, Sophie Loves Them!

**Jennifer Waugh**


Hey... Are Those... Barkin' Starz Over There?!?

**Max And George Herbert**

Willie G. Special, Couldn't Wait To Get Into The... Barkin' Starz!!!

**Michele Smyth**

"I love Barkin' Starz!!! Especially When I Wake Up From My Nap!

**Luna And Pamela Fierlie**

Maggie, Lizzie, And Gus, Wait Patiently For their Barkin' Starz!!!

**Punky Schenne**

 Bolt And Oreo Want Other Doggies Mom's And Dad's To Order... Barkin Starz!!! They Are... Out-Doggie-Standing!!

**Susan Donner Chambers**

My Puppies Argue Over Who Is Going To Open The Bag First!!

**Sheri Biss**

Gabe, Here!! I Will NOT Go To Bed Without My 3 Cookies...Ever! I Can Count!

**Penny Snyder**

Miss Tara Of Shangra La, Owner At Pate Entertainment... Travels Internationally...First Class, Of Course! And Never, Ever Without Her Barkin' Starz!!

You Mean To Tell Me That They Are Good For Me Too?!?

                         Barkin'Starz Are The Best And Only Cookie For Me!!!!

                                               **Maizie And Tara Travers**